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Having a server for your home or small business can be beneficial in many aspects. Servers are central systems in the network for clients to connect to. For example, a Web Server is a program that serves up Web pages when requested by a client, e.g. a Web browser. is host independently on our own Web Server. So you when you access our Website, you access our Web Server.

File Servers are popular as well. They are computers in a network that stores application programs and data files accessed by other computers. It is great for file sharing, and storing files that is not on your own system, but have access to.

We support only Linux Servers at the moment? Why? Because it's powerful and efficient. Most of the software you can download right off the Internet, and best of all.. it's free! These are type of servers we can build and support:

  • File Server (Stores application programs and data for client access)
  • Web Server (Serves Web pages requested by a client)
  • E-Mail Server (Serves E-mail accounts for clients)
  • Database Server (Collection of computer data for client access)
  • Print Server (Central printing station for clients)
  • Remote Server (Remote access such as FTP, SSH and VPN)

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