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If you want to share your high-speed Internet access (T1, Cable, DSL) at home or office, we can set up a router with firewall security to allow you to access your high-speed connection with multiple computers. We can also setup wireless so you can connect your Laptops and wireless PCs to access the high-speed Internet as well.

Do you want to share files with your kids, spouse or employees? How bout having one single printer for everyone to use? Our consultants can set up a wired or wireless network at your location for that sake of freedom. (See: Server Solutions for setting up a more advance File and Printer Sharing solution.)

Have you ever thought about connecting to your office computer from home? You can access your data and files at work from home vise versa using VPN. It's very convientant and can save you lots of time from traveling back and forth. We can set up a SECURE connection between your two networks, e.g. Office to your Home. (See: Server Solutions for setting a more advance VPN solution.)

There are many people out there going wireless, but are not protecting themselves from hackers and intruders. You think once you set up your Wireless Network with your router, you're safe? YOU'RE WRONG! The majority of home and small businesses use routers that implements either the WEP or WPA protocol or no security at all! WEP is a insecure protocol that can be crack in minutes by a dedicated hacker. He will bypass your router and enter your network either eavesdropping or/and stealing valuable information. WPA is stronger but, new enough that most wireless devices do not have it. We have an alternative solution in protecting your existing wireless network using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Is your system safe from hackers and intruders? Are you scared of going wireless because of the security risk involved? If you have high-speed Internet access, you need to have a firewall protecting your system. We can install a software or hardware firewall on your computer to protect yourself from these threats.

We can build you a custom Firewall/Router system for your network. These systems are meant to replace your existing router or gateway which provides a much more control environment over your network. (See: Custom Built Computer for more information.)

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