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Is your computer crashing constantly or not even booting at all? Has your computer gone so slow where it takes forever to load up something? How bout a Spyware and Virus removal solution? We will take care of your computer repair and upgrades. more info..

Our professional consultants can build you a custom computer system of your choice. Either it's a workstation, gaming system or a server for your business. more info..

Need a central server for your home or business? We can setup your File Server, Web Server, Database Server, E-mail Server, Print Server or a Remote Server on your existing network. more info..

Do you need to setup a network for your home or business to share the Internet? How about sharing files and printers with your kids or employees on your network? Have you thought about going wireless, but you feel insecure? Our experts can make your wireless network secure by implementing PKI cryptography (Public-Key Infrastructure). How about using VPN to connect to your home or business network externally? more info..

We can teach you how to use your computer efficiently. We will guide you step-by-step on how to browse the Internet, read E-mail, online shopping, dowloading software, word processesing, image editing and much more.. more info..

Are you in need of a Website or logo for your company? How bout a picture gallery and discussion board to interact with your friends and family? Our consultants can create for you a professional and elegant Website quickly. more info..

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